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Littleton Claims Testimonials

You guys rock!

Jess P. - Sr. Claims Examiner


You guys are the best, Thank You!

Amy W. - Owner


You’re awesome. Thanks again.

Greg M. - Claims Examiner


You guys are awesome, as always! Much appreciated!

Julie C. - Claims Ombudsman/Supervisor


Thanks again for all your help on this one.

Allison S. - Liability Adjuster


I would like to thank you guys for your prompt handling of this file. It is greatly appreciated, and I will be asking our adjusters to reach out to Littleton more often.

Julie C. - Claims Ombudsman/Supervisor


Thanks!  That was fast. I appreciate it.

Kathy S - Claim Specialist


Great job!!

Bill G. - Senior Examiner


Thanks for the quick turnaround.

Russ S. - General Adjuster


Your firm is a breath of fresh air. Thanks a bunch.

Rhonda D. - Liability Claims


Nice work.

Casey P. - Claims Examiner


Good news … you guys saved me $32,000.

Joy C. - Sr. Claims Adjuster


You are doing such a great job, and have been such a huge help on this claim-thank you.

Diane M. - Claims Examiner


You are the best.

Allison S. - Liability Adjuster


Awesome job!

Stephen S. - General Liability Adjuster


You are top of my list!

Tracy S. - Fields Claim Specialist


It looks good. Nice job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill G. - Senior Examiner


Nice work!

Rhonda D. - Liability Claims


You’re great! Thanks

Sharon, K. - Branch Claim Rep.


Very good, thank you for your quick attention on this assignment. This is the first time I have used your services, and I have been extremely pleased with service I have received. Everyone I have spoken with at Littleton has been exceptionally courteous and helpful.

Nick T. - Specialty Claims Adjuster


Thank you for your thorough reports.

Tiffany D. - Auto Liability Claims Mgr.


Nice job!

Bill G. - Senior Examiner


Thank you.  Good Work!

David M. - Adjuster


You are the BEST!

Kate A. - Sr. Liability Representative


Thanks. You did a wonderful job.

Ann T. - Senior Claims Specialist


I wanted to also say how much I appreciate your superb handling of our claims.  I will continue to look to you for other investigative needs in the future.

Tiffany D. - Sr. Claims Adjuster


Thank you.  I am very pleased with your service and with the quality of the product.

Lawrence S. - Attorney


Really good work on this one!

Denise S. - Technical Process Director


Thank you so much. It has been a pleasure dealing with your company for the first, and I am sure not the last time. Great job.

Susan H. - Adjuster


LCS did a great job on this one, which is always reflective of their work.

Denise S. - Technical Process Director


Thank you. Great report. You guys have been awesome. I am glad I found you.

Rob L. - Adjuster


Y’all are awesome!!! 

Vicki C. - Senior Claims Adjuster


Awesome report.

Kevin U - Adjuster


Thank you for the excellent report.

Vicki C. - Senior Claims Adjuster


Will do, I’m really happy with the work you folks do.

Nadyne N. - Claims Adjuster


Thank you! Nice job! I will assign with Littleton Claims. Have a nice weekend!

Brenda S. - Claims Specialist


I try to send everything we get your way. You guys do great work!

Brian M. - Commercial Adjuster


Thank you for all your assistance on this matter! You guys did a great job and we really appreciate it!

Jessica L. - Casualty Claims Appraiser


We appreciate the expert handling of our claims, which is why we continue to utilize your company. We will continue to forward new assignments that come up.

Tiffany D. - Senior Claims Adjuster


I appreciate your quick response on all these storm claims!

J.R. - Claims Rep


Thank you for your help. I found your updates refreshing and timely. I will inform my colleagues of your company and I personally will use you again for future needs.

M.R. - Litigation/Risk Management


You are awesome.

Shelley - VP Claims Management


I will be ringing your phone off the hook!  And, of course, the quality of your investigations will make it a sure thing that I will be engaging your company again for any future assignments.

Ginny B. - Claims Examiner


Great job on the this case .

Linda B. - Claims Management


Worth every penny, thanks.

Demond - Claims Rep


You are wonderful!  Thank you for getting on this so quickly.

Erica N. - Specialized Loss Unit Manager


Thank you.  Great work on this case!

Teresa B. - Regional Liability Adjuster


It’s always a pleasure doing business with Littleton Claims.

R. V. - Risk Management Adjuster


I will absolutely keep Littleton Claims Service, Inc. in mind as I get my new losses for assignment to an independent adjuster.

Y.B - Claims Administrator


Thanks – EXCELLENT work

John F. - Senior Claims Specialist


You guys were so fast and easy to deal with. I’m definitely keeping you in mind for future files involving litigants from the U.S.

Mark C. - Barrister and Solicitor


Wow that was fast! Thank you for the update.

Brenda H. - General Liability Adjuster


Thank you for the super-fast service on this one.

Jon W. - Claim Adjuster


You’re the best.

Bill G. - Senior Examiner


Thank you for the excellent statement. Really appreciate how quickly you interviewed the claimant and got the report to me. 

Nadyne M. - Claims Adjuster


You are not like the other IA’s I work with. This is great.

Elnora J. - Senior Claims Specialist


I wanted to thank you for the information obtained to date on this one – great job by everyone!

Chris R. - Senior Casualty Specialist


Thank you – You did a great job! 

Victoria P. - Sr. General Adjuster


This is the first time I have used you guys, but I am super impressed.

Joshua C. - Claims Adjuster


Awesome. Thank you!! First time I have used you guys-will NOT be the last!!

Jennifer M. - Property-Auto and Property Claims


Thanks for the great service.

Bill T. - Claims Supervisor


Thank you for your hard work on this one – you have obtained great information!!

Chris R. - Senior Casualty Specialist


Thank you so much.  I appreciate the work that was done to get this claim resolved.   I will certainly keep you in mind for future assignments.

Judy L. - Senior Claims Specialist


Thanks for the report and excellent handling of the assignment. 

Michael G. - Sr. Claims Specialist


Thank you for your good work.

Daniel A. - Attorney


Nice job. I referred your office and company to fellow co-workers.

Mark S. - Senior Claims Representative


You guys always impress me! Thank you for always being so speedy and reliable!!

Savana B. - General Adjuster


THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  It has been a pleasure dealing with you guys.  This was the easiest and most professional group to work with!

Kim C. - Logistics Manager


This was my first time working with Littleton Claims, the experience exceeded my highest expectations.

Roni M. - Sr. Claims Adjuster


Thanks for the good efficient work. 

Michael G. - Sr. Claims Specialist


Thank you for the great work.

Roni M. - Sr. Claims Adjuster


Thank you for the excellent work as usual.

Ann J. - Sr. Claims Adjuster


I appreciate the information in your report.  This is good detail in answering to the needs we had – thank you. 

Josh G. - Sr. Commercial Claims Specialist


Thank you for all of your help, you have been great.

Angie B. - Claims Representative


You are already becoming a favorite in my office.

Michael M. - Complex Claims Resolution Specialist II


Thanks for the speedy, thorough update.

David M. - Senior Executive Claims Specialist


Thanks!  And great job settling these. 

Kara C. - Senior Claims Adjuster


Your investigation is excellent. 

Jim A. - Attorney


Thank you for all your assistance with this claim, you made it a pleasant process.

Amy W. - Claimant


Thank you, you have been very helpful.  I wish all the claims reps I deal with in this business were as helpful as you.

Angie B. - Claims Representative


I was quite impressed with the level of service both on timeliness and professional courtesy.  We will certainly utilize Littleton Claims on future cases that arise with the need for your services.

Lisa C. - Work Comp. Claims Supervisor


Excellent!  You have gone above and beyond….

Roni M. - Sr. Claims Adjuster

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