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Expert Forensic Accounting

Insurance Claim Forensic Accounting

Independent Claims Adjusters & Forensic Accountants For Insurance Carriers

For over a quarter of a century, many of the most well known insurance carriers in the marketplace and self-insured entities have chosen to partner with Littleton Claims for our top quality independent insurance claims adjusting and damage appraisal services. We are also proud to offer highly qualified forensic accounting expert services.

Forensic accounting is a very specialized field that takes many years of training and experience in order to perform effectively. While forensic accounting is used in many professional endeavors, it has a specific application as it relates to the process of settling insurance claims. Forensic accounting is utilized in the insurance industry for the purpose of documenting and calculating the financial losses of an insured or claimant with an extremely high degree of accuracy.

Business Income & Extra Expense Claims Specialists

The use of forensic accounting to determine financial losses can be especially beneficial to insurance companies in a number of areas, including:

  • Business income/interruption claims.
  • Workers compensation claims & loss of employee income calculations.
  • Documenting lost business revenues.
  • Loss of expected future business revenue.
  • Extra expense claims.
  • Lost revenue due to equipment damage.
  • Losses as a result of utility failures.
  • Fraud investigations.

Nationwide Network Of Expert Forensic Accountants

Working together in tandem, our team of highly experienced independent claims adjusters and expert forensic accountants have helped many of our insurance carrier and self-funded entity clients settle financial claims promptly and with a high degree of accuracy that is equitable to all involved parties. We are proud of the reputation we have earned in the industry for being strong advocates for our clients to ensure that the dollars that are paid for financial loss claims are legitimate and verifiable.

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Whether your financial loss claim assignments are routine or complicated, you can count on the highly knowledgeable team of claims adjusters and expert forensic accountants at Littleton Claims to work on behalf of your insurance company or self-funded entity with the highest level of professionalism. Contact us today to learn more about why so many insurance companies have chosen Littleton Claims to represent them in the field.

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