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What is An Independent Loss Adjuster & How Can They Help?

An independent loss or claims adjuster is a highly trained insurance professional whose primary role is to represent insurance companies by determining the financial loss a customer has suffered after a claim has been filed...Read more




When to Use Claims Management Services 

Many insurance companies have in house claims management departments that handle the adjusting needs of their policyholders after a loss has occurred. These employees might work in the company’s headquarters or be assigned to other office locations throughout the country...Read more




Benefits To Partnering With An Independent Insurance Claims Adjuster

Settling a claim with an insured is one of the primary obligations set forth in the insurance contract between a carrier and the policy holder...Read more





Independent Claims Solutions for Insurance Carriers

The claims adjusting process is one of the most crucial components of fulfilling the contractual obligation an insurance carrier has with a policy holder once a claim takes place. Read more



Independent Adjuster Firm

Independent Adjuster Firms: The Solution To Claims Overflow

Claims adjusting is a critical component of every insurance carrier’s operation, as these important duties represent the foundation of the contract between the insurance company and their customers when a claim has been made...Read more

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