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We are happy to inform you that as of May 1, 2021,
Littleton Claims is re-branding to:

Empathy Claims — Service with Empathy™

"Empathy Claims" is the new name and brand of Littleton Claims as of May 1, 2021 to better reflect our mission of Service with Empathy™.

A Littleton Family Company since 1994.

Everything remains the same, other than the public name, brand and URL. Same Littleton family ownership, same company leadership and management, same professional team, same great service.

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Company History


James Littleton, founder, President, CEO, and stockholder of Littleton Claims Service, Inc., had a dream of starting a business of his own, at least as far back as when he started entrepreneurial lawn cutting and snow shoveling when he was 10 years old or so. The dream continued as James was courting his future wife, Kathleen, while working at United Parcel Service at the beginning of the 1980s. James would talk to her about his dream of starting his own business.

James grew up on the south side of Chicago. His highest education level is high school graduate. James worked for a year after high school as a janitor in a downtown office building in 1976. In 1977, he began work at UPS as a loader of trucks. James was eventually promoted to supervisor there. In 1982, James was given an opportunity to do part-time work on the side for an independent insurance adjusting firm in Chicago. They then hired James full time as a claims adjuster and investigator, and he learned and worked there for the next twelve years.

James married Kathleen on August 6, 1983. Kathleen went on to achieve her Juris Doctorate in February 1984 and they started a family shortly thereafter. In 1994, James and Kathleen already had seven children (eventually growing to nineteen children, fourteen living with five in heaven), so James decided to take a risk.

James left a reasonably high paying job to start his own independent insurance claims adjusting company, Littleton Claims Service, in August 1994 as a better means to support his family and, eventually, have more time to spend with them. James and Kathleen consecrated Littleton Claims to Jesus through the Blessed Virgin Mary. They have always experienced divine assistance and have strived to operate the business with integrity.

This was a tremendous risk. James started with zero clients. He sublet an office from a mortgage company and began marketing from scratch. He called hundreds of insurance companies on the phone and visited as many as he could, knocking on doors across the country, and eventually brought some initial business into Littleton Claims Service where James handled the claims himself while his wife, Kathleen, typed the reports.

Within three months, James was turning a small profit, so he began hiring help. Littleton Claims started out as a regional company beginning in Illinois and surrounding states. The company gradually grew over time to become a nation-wide organization, handling claims in all 50 states and further, expanding into additional countries for clients based in the United States and around the world.

We proudly serve over eight hundred client insurance carriers and self-insured companies, as well as hundreds more when accounting for the individual representatives at those organizations who are also clients of Littleton Claims. 

Littleton Claims incorporated in 1997 under the name “Littleton Claims Service, Inc.” The Littleton Claims company motto is “Service with Empathy™,” which Littleton Claims inculcates to its staff and believes and lives out every day in service to the countless insureds, claimants, witnesses, clients, etc. who greatly depend on their daily service.

Littleton Claims carries out its service as part of a critical infrastructure as indicated by the Department of Homeland Security and as an essential business under Illinois state policy.

Over the decades, Kathleen and James Littleton, 100% co-owners of Littleton Claims Service, Inc., have shed blood, sweat, and tears in driving the business forward. They have pivoted in various changing circumstances, insurance industry changes and adversities, such as James Littleton’s diagnosis of leukemia in 2009, his treatment including numerous chemotherapies, his bone marrow transplant, and with some degree of ongoing treatment ever since.

Through all these challenges and more, Littleton Claims persevered, thanks to God’s ever-present help.

Littleton Claims has a deep sense of obligation to give back to the community because of all the blessings they have received. James and Kathleen provide tens of thousands of dollars annually in support of numerous charitable organizations, including just recently providing a college scholarship to a young person on the South Side of Chicago in the hopes of helping others and bettering our community; and providing approximately $7,400 in grocery store gift cards to those suffering from the economic fallout of COVID-19.

Over recent years Kathleen has devoted 100% of her time to non-profit work as well as to her family.

James and Kathleen Littleton are thankful for their beautiful family. Many of their children have already earned college degrees while the remainder are currently in the process of completing their higher education goals. The Littletons are blessed with seven grandchildren and counting, plus two on the way and three in heaven.

Littleton Claims is blessed to provide salaries, health benefits, and 401-k to dozens of W-2 employees and their families. Littleton Claims also provides income to over 600 partner vendors throughout the United States, as well as other countries. Littleton Claims has a great desire to continue their work, service, and legacy for generations to come.

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